Heavy metal from the heart of east anglia come HEDRA, formed in 2014 by Kamil Korsak this band are becoming very popular on the UK Metal Scene
Hedra Roacking Basdgerfest
Live at Manchester Photo by Scott Moore
Live at the Home town of Norwich
Elements Album by Hedra has 3 singles released so far in the uk underground metal scene, the band are becoming popular amongst nu metal fans, hardcore fans and with their new style even progressive prog roack fans around england venues have been wanting to see this band

Hey all, we are very pleased to announce to you our Album title and artwork ‘Elements’ which was designed by the awesome Gaz Jackson at along with the track listing below

Track Listing
1. Karma in blood
2. Rose 7
3. Broken bones
4. Bury your head
5. Polaris
6. Igoria
7. Eulogy for a dying earth
8. Living the gleam
9. Hopeless
10. Are you with me
11. The glass
12. Say goodbye to the world

HEDRA (meaning):

Verb: To accidentally ruin something permanently.

Norwich and Norfolk Heavy Metal noise mongers 'Hedra' were formed in 2014 by Guitarist Kamil Korsak, to make an alternate style of Metal music, with an unadulterated goal to carry it to the stages across the world, with loudness and a genuine live feel to the music the band have built up a tight stable following in the course of 5 years and treat each show with a similar vitality, nobility and presentation regardless to venue capacity.

The influences from each member relate to substantial heavier groups from the '90s onwards which impacts the writing of those referenced above not forgetting the affection for Metal & Rock that came previously as well, those sounds can be heard in their ferouciously heavy E.P. ‘Mind Dimension’, the thought isn't to replicate however, but make something that consolidates all kinds of metal present and past.

Hedras first E.P. is accessible on Digipak Cd from

"We Take all the odd bits from the groups Korn, Will Haven, Pantera, Cancer Bats and stuff them into a pillowcase, toss in some Pool Balls of new styles like Tool and Tesseract , Architects or Sikth , give it a swing and smack groups like U2, Pearl Jam in the face and that is the forceful nature this music possesses. " Jim Marten (Hedra)


“Hedra. Combining traits of groove and hardcore influences we see the band start their set with a furious array of ferocious bass lines and groove-ridden guitar, mixed with a harsh but aggressive vocal style that sweeps across the second stage like a relentless beast preparing for war.” The Moshville Times

“These guys know how to create the full package. A quick visit to their Facebook page will show you their level of professionalism, and I really like the fact that they almost had a band uniform, black shirts with the logo and band name on – which I liked a lot “ Ever Metal

“Crushing riffs, lots of energy and head-splitting vocals” Metallum Sub Terra

“As if things could not get any heavier, the diversity of the line up changed to sound level worrying volume as Hedra arrived from East Anglia. All kitted out in matching black attire with the band logo on, they proceeded to kick their toys out of the pram with a relentless assault of high octane metal by blasting out their five-track debut EP Mind Dimension” Planet Mosh

“A hardcore metal five-piece group, they belted out their music with commitment and enthusiasm, delivering a forty-minute set that had the assembling crowd suitably entertained” Down The Front Media

More reviews can be found at this link:

About the latest  Heavy Metal Album 'Elements' 

The Album 'Elements' is planned for release in the later part of 2020, with 12 tracks mostly in draft, the idea this time is based around the components of life and music, what we have grown up with, what we have seen. Are we being watched, how do we exist, every one of those enquiries will be replied in this release, is there a divine being, maybe not how we should visualise life but ‘is there a higher plane?’, if we were not a mishap maybe we are an exploratory element, a test for different civic establishments, We found the 4 earth elements, however, did you know there maybe more???